Timo Bol

84 races

NSRF Slotwedstrijden & NSK Roeien

07 July 2018 to 08 July 2018
ORCOrca (NSK)Maarten Mein116: LHE 8+Final A [4]07:10,767th
ORCOrca 1Niels Kanters121: LHB 1xFinal A [7]08:58,964th
ORCOrca 2Pelle Laken121: LHB 1xHeat 2[2]07:57,255th
ORCOrca 1Niels Kanters121: LHB 1xHeat 2[3]07:50,702nd
ORCOrcaMaarten Mein057: LHG 4-Final A [6]07:26,444th

Aegon Koninklijke - Holland Beker

30 June 2018 to 01 July 2018
ORCOrcaPelle Laken138: BLM 1xTime Trial 08:46,177th
ORCOrcaNiels Kanters052: LMDev 2xFinal B [3]08:36,103rd
ORCOrca 1Maarten Mein029: LM 2-Final A [3]09:02,453rd
ORCOrcaNiels Kanters052: LMDev 2xHeat 2[4]07:55,115th

ARB / Aegon NK Junioren Groot 2018

16 June 2018 to 17 June 2018
ORCOrcaNiels Kanters122: LHB 2xHeat 1[4]07:10,764th
ORCOrcaOlof Huiberts121: LHB 1xHeat 2[3]08:16,884th
ORCOrcaValentin Luz014: LHG 2-Final A [5]07:24,324th
ORCOrca 1Pelle Laken013: LHG 1xFinal B [6]07:54,425th
ORCOrca 2Niels Kanters013: LHG 1xHeat 3[6]07:50,265th
ORCOrca 4Olof Huiberts013: LHG 1xHeat 1[3]08:32,825th
ORCOrca 1Pelle Laken013: LHG 1xHeat 1[4]08:09,484th

ZRB 2018

02 June 2018 to 03 June 2018
ORCOrcaNiels Kanters016: LHDev 2xTime Trial 03:29,5212th
ORCOrcaNiels Kanters122: LHB 2xFinal A [3]07:12,694th
ORCOrcaNiels Kanters122: LHB 2xHeat 1[3]07:09,301st

Westelijke Regatta 2018

19 May 2018 to 20 May 2018
ORCOrca/VikingPelle Laken122: LHB 2xFinal A [6]07:49,518th
ORCOrcaMaarten Mein118: LHGb 4-Final A [7]07:13,496th
ORCOrcaMaarten Mein118: LHGb 4-Heat 1[6]07:01,303rd
ORCOrcaMaarten Mein017: LHDev 4-Final B [7]07:09,066th
ORCOrcaMaarten Mein017: LHDev 4-Heat 3[6]07:04,334th
ORCOrcaPelle Laken016: LHDev 2xHeat 2[4]07:19,964th

Damen Raceroei Regatta

05 May 2018 to 06 May 2018
ORCOrcaPelle Laken122: LHB 2xFinal A [1]07:42,176th
ORCOrcaMaarten Mein118: LHGb 4-Final A [5]06:58,946th
ORCOrcaPelle Laken122: LHB 2xHeat 1[2]07:38,883rd
ORCOrcaMaarten Mein118: LHGb 4-Heat 2[5]
ORCOrcaMaarten Mein017: LHDev 4-Final B [3]07:48,884th
ORCOrcaPelle Laken016: LHDev 2xFinal B [2]08:10,703rd
ORCOrcaMaarten Mein017: LHDev 4-Heat 1[4]07:25,495th
ORCOrcaPelle Laken016: LHDev 2xHeat 1[5]07:41,686th

Hollandia Roeiwedstrijden / Aegon NK Klein 2018

20 April 2018 to 22 April 2018
ORCOrcaPelle Laken214: LHG 2xHeat 2[6]07:27,185th
ORCOrcaMaarten Mein215: LHGb 4-Heat 2[5]07:03,624th
ORCOrcaPelle Laken108: LHDev 2xFinal B [4]07:44,684th
ORCOrcaMaarten Mein109: LHDev 4-Final B [2]07:18,775th
ORCOrcaMaarten Mein109: LHDev 4-Heat 2[3]07:21,603rd
ORCOrcaPelle Laken108: LHDev 2xHeat 1[4]07:55,544th

135e Varsity

08 April 2018
ORCOrcaPelle Laken031: LHG 2xFinal A [4]07:38,995th
ORCOrcaMaarten Mein013: LHE 4-Heat 2[5]07:17,894th

NSRF Slotwedstrijden & NSK Roeien

01 July 2017 to 02 July 2017
ORCOrca 3Frank Mders145: LE 1xFinal A [3]07:49,406th
ORCOrca 3Frank Mders009: LG 1xHeat 3[4]08:13,915th

Damen Raceroei Regatta

06 May 2017 to 07 May 2017
ORCOrcaFrank Mders115: LG 2xHeat 2[4]07:51,484th
ORCOrcaFrank Mders011: LB 2xFinal A [4]08:39,491st

Hollandia Roeiwedstrijden/Aegon NK Klein 2017

21 April 2017 to 23 April 2017
ORCOrcaFrank Mders212: LG 2xFinal A [2]07:17,656th
ORCOrcaPyt Gerbranda244: LB 1xHeat 1[1]08:05,906th
ORCOrcaFrank Mders212: LG 2xHeat 1[5]
ORCOrcaFrank Mders112: LDev 2xFinal A [2]07:22,835th
ORCOrcaFrank Mders112: LDev 2xHeat 2[2]

134e Varsity

09 April 2017
ORCOrca 3Pyt Gerbranda026: LG 1xHeat 1[4]08:47,394th

NSRF Slotwedstrijden & NSK Roeien

02 July 2016 to 03 July 2016
ORCOrca 1Vincent de Vries119: LN 1xFinal A [4]07:21,931st
ORCOrca 2Vincent Goris119: LN 1xHeat 3[3]07:44,523rd
ORCOrca 3Frank Mders119: LN 1xHeat 2[3]08:18,975th
ORCOrca 1Vincent de Vries119: LN 1xHeat 1[2]07:33,791st

ARB / Aegon NK Junioren Groot 2016

18 June 2016 to 19 June 2016
ORCOrcaVincent Goris119: LN 1xFinal B [2]07:39,193rd
ORCOrcaVincent Goris119: LN 1xHeat 2[4]07:53,174th
ORCOrcaVincent Goris041: LB 1xFinal A [2]07:47,226th
ORCOrcaVincent Goris041: LB 1xHeat 2[6]07:43,103rd

ZRB 2016

11 June 2016 to 12 June 2016
ORCOrca 1David Hokken014: LN 4+Final A [1]
ORCOrca 1David Hokken014: LN 4+Heat 3[2]06:57,931st
ORCOrca 1David Hokken123: LB 4+Final A [3]06:53,572nd
ORCOrca 1David Hokken123: LB 4+Heat 3[4]06:55,961st

Hollandia Roeiwedstrijden

21 May 2016 to 22 May 2016
ORCOrcaVincent de Vries119: LN 1xFinal A [6]07:26,301st
ORCOrcaDavid Hokken117: LO 4-Final A [4]06:45,193rd
ORCOrcaVincent de Vries119: LN 1xHeat 3[6]07:24,611st
ORCOrcaDavid Hokken015: LDev 4-Final B [5]06:39,385th
ORCOrcaVincent de Vries009: LSA 1xFinal A [3]07:34,426th
ORCOrcaVincent de Vries009: LSA 1xHeat 1[2]07:24,422nd
ORCOrcaDavid Hokken015: LDev 4-Heat 1[3]06:39,184th

Damen Raceroei Regatta - TBI Laga Lustrumwedstrijden

07 May 2016 to 08 May 2016
ORCOrcaDavid Hokken117: LO 4-Final A [3]07:25,663rd
ORCOrcaVincent de Vries009: LSA 1xFinal A [5]07:21,793rd
ORCOrcaDavid Hokken015: LDev 4-Heat 3[4]06:48,535th

Aegon NK Klein / Westelijke Regatta 2016

22 April 2016 to 24 April 2016
ORCOrcaVincent de Vries202: LSA 1xFinal C [6]
ORCOrcaDavid Hokken253: LDev 4-Repechage 2[6]08:14,384th
ORCOrcaVincent de Vries202: LSA 1xRepechage 1[2]09:23,075th
ORCOrcaDavid Hokken253: LDev 4-Time Trial 07:05,9212th
ORCOrcaVincent de Vries202: LSA 1xTime Trial 08:16,0918th

133e Varsity

10 April 2016
ORCOrcaDavid Hokken018: LSA 4-Final A [3]07:45,115th
ORCOrcaVincent de Vries043: LB 1xFinal A [1]08:20,971st