Menno Verkade

9 races

Head of the River Amstel

25 March 2007
DDSDDS 2Eelco van der Lely039: HCl 8+Time Trial 29:20,1329th

74ste Lange Afstands Kampioenschap van de Amstel

19 March 2006
DDSDDSElmer Koopmans038: Cl 8+Time Trial 24:56,3415th

Heineken Roeivierkamp 2006

11 March 2006 to 12 March 2006
DDSDDSElmer Koopmans023: HCl 8+Round B 00:49,134th
DDSDDSElmer Koopmans023: HCl 8+Round A 09:59,137th

Heineken Roeivierkamp 2005

19 March 2005 to 20 March 2005
DDSDDSMatthew Sawyer017: VA 8+Round D 18:24,313th
DDSDDSMatthew Sawyer017: VA 8+Round B 00:49,713th
DDSDDSMatthew Sawyer017: VA 8+Round A 09:07,613th

71ste Lange Afstands Kampioenschap van de Amstel

23 March 2003
DDSDDS 2Sander Limonard037: Cl divisie 4*Time Trial 27:23,2814th

70ste Lange afstands Kampioenschap van de Amstel

24 March 2002
DDSDDSSander de Groot033: Cl divisie 8+Time Trial 24:35,3814th