Judith Kats

12 races

Head of the River Amstel

25 March 2007
NERNereusJudith Jansen043: DCl 4*Time Trial 33:17,6314th

Heineken Roeivierkamp 2007

17 March 2007 to 18 March 2007
NERNereusJudith Jansen014: D1eDiv 4*Round C 02:56,26th
NERNereusJudith Jansen014: D1eDiv 4*Round B 00:58,96th
NERNereusJudith Jansen014: D1eDiv 4*Round A 09:52,06th

53ste Kampioenschap van de Amstel voor Dames

19 March 2006
NERNereus 1Marike Lemmers010: DCl 8+ divisieTime Trial 20:11,1612th

Heineken Roeivierkamp 2006

11 March 2006 to 12 March 2006
NERNereusMarike Lemmers013: DEj 8+Round D 18:03,01st
NERNereus 1Marike Lemmers038: DCl 8+Round D 19:06,810th
NERNereusMarike Lemmers013: DEj 8+Round C 02:38,92nd
NERNereusMarike Lemmers013: DEj 8+Round B 00:46,71st
NERNereusMarike Lemmers013: DEj 8+Round A 09:23,11st
NERNereus 1Marike Lemmers038: DCl 8+Round B 00:52,210th
NERNereus 1Marike Lemmers038: DCl 8+Round A 10:13,213th