Barbara Meijer

8 races

Heineken Roeivierkamp 2009

14 March 2009 to 15 March 2009
NAUNautilusHilde Veldhuis028: DVA 4*Round D 21:01,58th
NAUNautilusHilde Veldhuis028: DVA 4*Round B 01:02,811th
NAUNautilusHilde Veldhuis028: DVA 4*Round A 09:51,19th

Head of the River Amstel

25 March 2007
NAUNautilusLaura Blokland043: DCl 4*Time Trial 31:54,495th

51ste Kampioenschap van de Amstel voor Dames

21 March 2004
NAUNautilusAstrid Madsen010: DCl 8+ divisieTime Trial 20:29,701st

Heineken Roeivierkamp 2004

13 March 2004 to 14 March 2004
NAUNautilusAstrid Madsen040: DCl 8+Round D 17:49,12nd
NAUNautilusAstrid Madsen040: DCl 8+Round B 00:54,85th
NAUNautilusAstrid Madsen040: DCl 8+Round A 08:47,12nd