Head of the River Amstel, Lange afstandskampioenschappen van de Amstel

21 March 2010
Results are available


16 races


ORCOrca 1Marieke Punt024: DCL 8+Time Trial 31:36,9013th
ORCOrca 2Madelein de Jong024: DCL 8+Time Trial 33:52,5020th
THEThe/Orc/SkaBart Vos003: H 3e divisie 8+Time Trial 26:37,187th
ORCOrcaJurriaan Jansen006: LH 4e divisie 8+Time Trial 26:53,074th
ORCOrca 2Bart van de Weg022: HCl 8+Time Trial 28:35,3510th
ORCOrca 1Michel Rasing022: HCl 8+Time Trial 29:18,6217th
AMP/Triton/OrcaAnne Ernest011: D 1e divisie 4*Time Trial 30:12,441st
ORCOrca 1Annemieke Evelein025: DCL 4*Time Trial 33:27,2314th
ORCOrca 2Marike van de Graaff025: DCL 4*Time Trial 36:29,9226th
ORCOrcaRomke Vogelzang Kuipers023: HCl 4*Time Trial 31:26,069th
SKOSkøllTycho Muda001: H 1e divisie 8+Time Trial 23:59,662nd
ORCOrcaKoos ten Thije005: LH 1e divisie 8+Time Trial 7th
ORCOrca/ProteusMarette Vermin007: D 1e divisie 8+Time Trial 27:08,102nd
ORCOrca/Argo/ThetaRianne Dekker008: D 2e divisie 8 +Time Trial 29:03,253rd
ORCOrcaSietske van Viersen010: D 4e divisie 8+Time Trial 29:30,042nd
ORCOrca/NereusTessel Boerma010: D 4e divisie 8+Time Trial 30:03,944th