Head of the River Amstel, Lange afstandskampioenschappen van de Amstel

16 March 2008
Results are available


15 races


ORCOrca 2Ingeborg Bot025: DCL 8+Time Trial 30:57,0011th
ORCOrca 1Alessia Lombardi025: DCL 8+Time Trial 31:07,0313th
VIKViking/OrcaMilena Knappstein027: M18 8+Time Trial 30:18,452nd
ORCOrcaJerker Menninga002: H 2e divisie 8+Time Trial 25:19,913rd
ORCOrc/Skø/LeyTies Corten003: H 3e divisie 8+Time Trial 26:05,514th
SKOSkøll-combi 1Maarten van den Akker003: H 3e divisie 8+Time Trial 26:37,457th
ORCOrcaSebastiaan Huber004: H 4e divisie 8+Time Trial 27:23,0612th
ORCOrcaTycho Horn006: LH 4e divisie 8+Time Trial 26:54,433rd
ORCOrca 1Pim de Weijer022: HCl 8+Time Trial 28:54,1319th
ORCOrca 2Rogier Kox022: HCl 8+Time Trial 29:23,6426th
ORCOrca-combi 1Mette Beugelsdijk011: D 1e divisie 4*Time Trial 29:01,371st
ORCOrcaRenate Schoemakers026: DCL 4*Time Trial 32:18,894th
VIDVidar-combi 1Ingrid van Rens008: D 2e divisie 8 +Time Trial 28:36,402nd
OKEOkeanos/OrcaIlse Reinders008: D 2e divisie 8 +Time Trial 28:40,253rd
ORCOrcaAnnique Priesterbach010: D 4e divisie 8+Time Trial 28:28,671st