Head of the River Amstel, Lange afstandskampioenschappen van de Amstel

16 March 2008
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Willem III

24 races


WILWillemIIIWillem Maschhaupt017: HVE-H 8+Time Trial 29:28,4411th
WILWillemIII 1Laura Posthuma025: DCL 8+Time Trial 29:23,741st
WILWillemIII 2Eline van Leeuwen025: DCL 8+Time Trial 31:39,9618th
THYThy/Wil/Bre daGeertje Klok021: DVA-E 4*Time Trial 31:07,331st
WILWillemIII/HoopAnne van Schijndel021: DVA-E 4*Time Trial 33:07,8015th
WILWillemIIIAlma van der Weele015: M16 4*Time Trial 34:16,307th
WILWillemIII 1Hans van der Linden022: HCl 8+Time Trial 27:42,715th
WILWillemIII 3Ynze Kliphuis022: HCl 8+Time Trial 28:37,5313th
WILWillemIII 2Liam Foran022: HCl 8+Time Trial 28:51,9616th
WILWillemIII 1Laurien Vermulst020: DVA-E 8+Time Trial 28:48,061st
WILWillemIII 2Suzanne Bauman020: DVA-E 8+Time Trial 29:20,872nd
WILWillemIII 3Anki Duin020: DVA-E 8+Time Trial 34:27,7127th
WILWillemIIIIrene Straatsburg026: DCL 4*Time Trial 32:47,326th
WILWillemIII 1Tone Wieten013: J16 4*Time Trial 29:54,383rd
WILWillemIII 2Julius van der Meer013: J16 4*Time Trial 32:20,7113th
WILWillemIII 3Alex Schuit013: J16 4*Time Trial 34:03,6715th
WILWillemIIIMaarten Oranje012: J18 8+Time Trial 25:45,371st
WILWillemIII-combi 1nn nn007: D 1e divisie 8+Time Trial 26:36,251st
WILWillemIII 1Stephan van Dongen016: HVA-D 8+Time Trial 26:09,523rd
WILWillemIII 2Jelle Luijnenburg016: HVA-D 8+Time Trial 26:29,484th
AMSAmstel-combi 1Sjoerd Verhallen016: HVA-D 8+Time Trial 28:16,727th
WILWillemIII 3Michiel van den Broek016: HVA-D 8+Time Trial 28:23,4521st
WILWillemIII 4Rob Haans016: HVA-D 8+Time Trial 29:40,0835th
WILWillemIIIGeert-Jan van de Meerendonk018: HVA-D 4*Time Trial 33:54,5543rd