Head of the River Amstel

25 March 2007
Results are available

Willem III

20 races


WILWillemIII 1Heleen Hesp042: DCl 8+Time Trial 29:23,481st
THYThy/Tro/WilGeertje Klok035: DVB 4*Time Trial 30:43,871st
JASJas/Hem/WilDorine Schenk014: M18 4*Time Trial 32:13,125th
WILWillemIIIEls Dinjens034: DVA 4*Time Trial 32:10,358th
WILWillemIIIMathilde Bindervoet015: M16 4*Time Trial 33:46,408th
WILWillemIIILieve Leyssen014: M18 4*Time Trial 10th
WILWillemIIIMaarten Helle020: VE 8+Time Trial 30:00,2812th
WILWillemIIIWillem Maschhaupt021: VF 8+Time Trial 30:10,0115th
WILWillemIIILaurien Vermulst030: DVB 8+Time Trial 28:07,271st
WILWillemIII-combi 1Suzanne Bauman029: DVA 8+Time Trial 28:43,662nd
WILWillemIIIErik de Bres039: HCl 8+Time Trial 27:29,277th
WILWillemIIIYnze Kliphuis040: HCl 4*Time Trial 30:42,0010th
WILWillemIIIAnnemiek Friebel043: DCl 4*Time Trial 33:32,0216th
WILWillemIIIAnki Duin032: DVD 8+Time Trial 34:58,9428th
WILWillemIII 1Niels van der Zwan016: VA 8+Time Trial 26:52,511st
WILWillemIIIKoos ten Thije012: J18 8+Time Trial 27:08,912nd
WILWillemIII 2Pieter Postema016: VA 8+Time Trial 27:12,866th
WILWil/Hoo/WeeJeroen de Korte012: J18 8+Time Trial 28:49,648th
WILWillemIIIHans Kelderman018: VC 8+Time Trial 29:12,7615th
WILWillemIIIEric van der Meent024: VA 4*Time Trial 33:13,4827th