Head of the River Amstel, Lange afstandskampioenschappen van de Amstel

18 March 2012
Results are available

Willem III

22 races


WILWillem IIIKees Hodde019: HVE-H 8+Time Trial 50th
WILWillem III 1Christel Rijnten025: DCL 8+Time Trial 29:46,751st
WILWillem III 2Dorien te Kiefte025: DCL 8+Time Trial 30:19,482nd
WILWillem III 3Melanie Baas025: DCL 8+Time Trial 33:36,9422nd
WILWillem IIISophie Dirksmeier022: DVA-E 4*Time Trial 31:12,091st
AMSAmstel/RIC/ARC/Willem IIINienke Mekkes016: M18 4*Time Trial 31:01,802nd
WILWillem IIIXanne Vos017: M16 4*Time Trial 34:50,536th
LAGLaga 2M. Dam003: H 3e divisie 8+Time Trial 26:20,173rd
WILWillem III 1Jos Compaan021: DVA-E 8+Time Trial 29:05,361st
WILWillem III 2Laura Posthuma021: DVA-E 8+Time Trial 30:27,224th
RICRIC/Willem IIIMette Schipper021: DVA-E 8+Time Trial 30:28,695th
WILWillem III 3Wilna Kodde021: DVA-E 8+Time Trial 33:57,5733rd
WILWillem III 4Ellen van den Broek021: DVA-E 8+Time Trial 40th
WILWillem IIIAnne Vlietstra026: DCL 4*Time Trial 35:41,9315th
WILWillem III 1Roel van Broekhuizen014: J16 4*Time Trial 28:30,192nd
WILWillem III 2Rorik de Boer014: J16 4*Time Trial 30:53,747th
WILWillem III 3Twan Meijers014: J16 4*Time Trial 31:40,5810th
SPASpaarne/Willem IIIJiri de Vos012: J18 8+Time Trial 27:13,094th
WILWillem III 1Tjerk Gualtherie van Weezel018: HVA-D 8+Time Trial 27:36,985th
WILWillem III 2Jan Lange018: HVA-D 8+Time Trial 68th
WILWillem III 1Paul Schulte020: HVA-E 4*Time Trial 30:35,341st
WILWillem III 2Bart Truijens020: HVA-E 4*Time Trial 29:17,527th